Do you offer your patients a choice of labs depending on their budget?

Do you find it hard to explain the differences between those labs?

Do you sometimes find it hard to justify any increased fee?

  Yes? Then the solution is here...

This is a problem that has been described to us by many of our partner dentists, so to assist in the patient selection process we have produced a simple handout for the patient to help them with their choice, this can be downloaded free here. This is also available online at if you wish to discuss the lab choice with the patient on a PC screen.

3 Good reasons to offer a higher quality service

1. Spend less time fitting a higher quality crown
2. Relax knowing the patient is more likely to be happy with the result
3. Maximise your own profits by charging more than the difference in lab fees

More of these handout are available, just let me know the number required and I will send more, alternately for a laminated version that can be shown to the patient, just give me a call or email and I will send one to you.

Any further comments, as always, are most welcome.