Why have a Complaints Policy?

We recognise that we occasionally fail to meet your expectations and we feel it is important to have a formal procedure in place to ensure any complaint is met with the correct response from us.

We do not believe in operating a ‘blame’ culture and we want to work with you to rectify any problem and prevent it happening again.

What will happen if I complain?

If we receive a complaint from you we will:

  1. Listen to what you have to say
  2. Apologise where necessary
  3. Implement a mutually agreeable remedy - this could be a remake, rework, credit etc
  4. Look for a way to prevent the situation arising again
  5. Call you within a week after the complaint has been actioned to ensure you were happy with the outcome
  6. Log the complaint
  7. Review the complaints monthly (internal SBO audit)
  8. Call you if there are any patterns i.e. bites always high, contacts missing, crowns not fitting – to ensure that both SBO and yourself are working to create the best restorations.

How should I complain!

The best way to advise us of a problem is to call, however in some situations it may be best to write to us either by regular post or email to