Shade Matches

What is a Dental Laboratory?

This is where the production of your restoration(s) takes place, once your dentist has prepared your teeth and taken an impression the case is sent to us for construction. It is often possible to change the shape, colour or alignment of teeth, so if you have any particular requests please let us know and we can take them in to account.

Why has your dentist asked you to see us?

When manufacturing the restoration it is often necessary to use a variety of colours to achieve a match that is personal to you. Within the system we use there are around 50 colours that can be mixed or layerd in any combination, it is therefore prudent for us to see exactly where to place and in what proportions to mix these colours. This is especially as it is us who will be making your new teeth. If you have already seen your dentist and the teeth have been prepared it is advisable to make an appointment with us as soon as possible to avoid any delay with the construction.

What does the procedure entail?

The procedure is non-invasive and therefore totally painless.

We will be looking at your teeth in relation to 26 preset 'common' colours. We can then mix any of these colors in any combination to achieve the desired result. If need be we will also include a variety of intense colours mixed in various combinations to exaclty match the nuances of your own teeth.

We will also take some digital photgraphs for reference when we are making our new teeth.

How long will it take?

Usually 15 minutes is enough time, although if the colour is particlarly complex or you are having our PARTNERS service it may take a little longer.

Company Policy

In most cases you will be seen by Keith, but when he is unavailable i.e. during holidays, you will always be seen by a senior technician.

We hope by the end of your visit you feel you have been treated with professionalism and care, if you feel the anything could be improved then please let us know