A Dental Implant Laboratory

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 If you want an implant dental laboratory that has been working with implants since 1989 on all the main systems, then you just found one!

We have gained valuable experience in managing any case, whether it may be a single zirconia crown on a custom implant abutment, a bar retained over denture or a full upper and lower reconstruction

We can manage the case from the initial impression, diagnostic stages and stents through to the final placement if required.

Tried and tested protocols is the key to sucess and predictable results.

Implant Systems routinely Used:

  • Nobel systems
  • Straumann - platinum laboratory
  • 3i
  • Ankylos
  • Frialit
  • Astra - Atlantis
  • Bicon
  • Implant Direct
  • Megagen
  • Bio-Horizon
  • Zimmer
  • Camlog
  • Southern

As past speakers for Frialit 2, Atlantis, Atlantis Isus and Branemark we feel uniquely qualified in supplying Dentists and their Patients with only the very highest quality implant crowns, bridges and dentures. 

Dental Implant Abutments

There are a variety of ways for us to make implant abutments. We often make cast custom implant abutments using a cast-on UCLA, however modern technology has allowed us to move more and more towads CADCAM implant abutments using Astra Atlantis. Atlantis allows us to design and then manufacture all titanium or all ceramic abtuments. This has the advantage that the abutment is often lower cost PLUS more biocampatible as the critical abutment/implant interface is titanium, rather than having gold as is common with a regular cast custom abutment.

To discuss working on Astra Atlantis, which is available on all major implant systems, please give Keith a call on 01707 663293

Ti -Base Abutments

 A Further inovation for custom abutments is to use a Ti-base. This is a cost effective alternative to other CAD-CAM custom abutments. The interface is titanium with the core made of zirconia. The core part of the abutment is luted to the Ti-base in the laboratory. It can be used as a screw retained implant crown or a custom abutment with a cemented crown. We have produced many of  these abutment with great success. Call lab for full details of the substantial savings that can be made.

A difficult Implant Case

The following case was made with Gradia composite

 The patient had lost a considerable amount of bone. Implants were then placed and sent to the laboratory for construction. each implant abutment was carefully trimmed to be parallel
We built up support in the metal framework on the implant abutments, then added Gradia composite to full contour. An implant denture was considered but the patient required a fixed implant bridge.
 The final result showing excellent lip support from the implant bridge.

                                                                                   Titanium milled Dolder Bar for Overdenture

                                                                                     Hybrid Bridge on milled Titanium Framework

                                                                                   Another Hybrid Bridge on Titanium Framework


                                                                            Hybrid acrylic with milled titanium on branemark implants
                                                                               Acrylic frame with the copy milled in titanium on Astra

                                                                                  Titanium  milled framework showing support for acrylic

                                                                                                        Finished case.... note gum tinting

                                                                                                                 Another View

                           Full arch implant bridge with Cendres Metaux titanium framework, Heraeus acrylic teeth , Enigma acrylic and gum tinting
CARA Titanium Milled Framework
Solve screw retained angle problems without the need for angled abutments.

With CARA cad-cam frameworks you can correct angles upto 20deg without the need for angled abutments.
Due to a unique screw and driver design, bridgework can be screwed directly to fixture head.
We have found the CARA bridge very useful. Using angled abutments on screwed retained bridgework can be fraught with problems not least, locating the abutment in the correct position especially if you have multiple corrections in the same arch.
These framework provide a cheaper and easier solution to angled abutments with superb fit and passivity.


We offer a portable ALL on 4 service to help with your Denture -Bridge convertion on day of implant placement. We can cover most areas of the U.K.
Call and speak to Keith for details.
This is an area of dentistry we love as we can see first hand the transformation achieved and the delight on the patients faces.

As you browse this page, and when you are ready, call Keith on
 01707 663293 to discuss how to proceed with your case

Lower Implant Bridge on 4 implants       Locator abutments on Atlantis titanium milled bar (above) Overdenture / Hybrid bridge (below)

This is a good option if you need a flange but need an open palate. This case is bar / implant borne all the load is transferred from the soft tissues to the bar hence the very strong ,thicker milled bar.

The palate on this case was extended a little more than normal as the patient was a bruxist and surgeon wanted a little more stability.

The acrylic was processed then layered with a variety of pink composites