Dental Implant protocol


These are minimum requirements, please take our FREE eCourse on implants or call Keith for a chat on 01707 663293

  • Upper & Lower study casts

Squash bite or occlusal record rim where necessary
Full arch models incorporating full sulcus depth and palate

  • Diagnostic Set-up

Placed in ideal position - from this we can determine if augmentation is necessary.

The patient can have any compromises explained to them if augmentation is not carried out.

This is a major factor in making the restoration predictable.

  • Type of Restoration

This can only be decided upon after diagnostic set-up. Without predictable results compromises are made leading to unhappy patients.

  • Stents

Not only for angulation of fixture, but more importantly for Implant position.

  • Analysis of bone

Position, Density and Amount

  • Impression

Fixture head impressions are prefered. Good quality impression material (e.g. Impregum) with no movement of impression copings within impression.

  • Metal Try-in

Check for passivity; if splitting is required use a 0.2mm thick disc - no thicker.

  • Solder or laser weld and retry

  • Complete porcelain

Biscuit bake try-in if required

  • Fit restoration

When checking the bite, shimstock should pull through when the patient clenches their teeth