Dental Laboratory Testimonials

"Dear Mark, I don't know if you recall but I saw you on 6th January prior to DrJohn Skuse doing work on me to fit cosmetic veneers. The work is now done. I want to thank you and your colleagues for the brilliant work you did. I said to you I feared my mouth looked like a graveyard, you kindly said you had seen worse, but now thanks to you I feel that a resurrection has taken place. Thank you so much for the brilliant job.

Best wishes, R Vaughn - London"

Sent to us by the patient after making 20  veneers to cover badly discoloured and malaligned teeth

"Excellent, great communication, very warm. Great results, very efficient, work is beautiful and fits very well indeed. [they have an ]ability to take shades very accurately."

Dr Mervyn Druian, London Cosmetic Dentistry, London

"You really know about smile designs"

Dr Steve Sharma, J D Hull, London

"I am very happy with the fit and aesthetics of restorations SBO have made for me, the service is prompt, professional, and helpful, with the personal touch.
I feel more confident with my patients choosing aesthetic restorations, safe in the knowledge SBO can deliver."

Dr Scott Aaron, Berry Lane Dental Surgery, Rickmansworth

"I have recently moved to SBO and the majority of work i have sent so far is implant based. The technicians at SBO have shown a deep understanding of the complex nature of restoring some implant cases and can be relied upon to produce quality work everytime.  As with all lab work there are occasions where minor adjustments are necessary but SBO maintain an excellent working relationship to ensure the quality of those restorations are perfect for the patient every time.

 I cannot fault the service i have had from SBO this year.  On complex cases the technicians are always happy to spend time on the phone with me to ensure we are all commumicating the same information to create the best results and to provide the patient with the best treatment options that are available. I find that generally technicians understand the materials they are working with a lot better than the dentist and i am never too proud to ask their opinion. I can trust in their ability to give me the correct answers.

I moved from my previous lab because they were never able to give me an approximate cost for any work they were doing which made pricing of the work for the patient very difficult and i would end up undercharging.  At SBO they are happy to quote me for any case and i can work back from there. I also had very little confidence in my last lab as i am an Eastman graduate and have done a fair share of my own lab work. On questioning the lab for difficult cases and the options available they would always blag their way through and keep 'getting back to me'. It gave the impression they didn't really know what they were doing even if they did!

At SBO i have had many conversations on technique and restorative options where i have learnt something from the technicians and hopefully in the future i will be able to advise them on what i feel works the most and they can also use that knowledge.

I have a better understanding of what the lab requires from me and what i can achieve with certain techniques and materials. I have a better understanding of cost so i can charge correctly without upsetting my boss!  I feel I am able to give my patients a higher quality service.

Thanks so much for all the work i have received."

Dr S Pugh, Advanced Dental

"lovely cases"

Dr K Garber, Howard Marshall Dentistry

"Excellent, the patient was really happy"

 Dr E Hersey

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