Laboratory case turn round times

We aim to be flexible with our scheduling, we always allow 'slack' in our schedule to allow for the unexpected emergency case. When ever we can fit your case in, no matter how large or complex we will do our very best to do so.

We do prefer prebooking cases where ever possible, when we do this we book the time out as yours giving you and your patient peace of mind... prebooking is not mandatory but VERY prefered.

 Item Time required in lab
 Smile design protocol (waxup, stents, matrices) 4 days
 Full 10 unit veneer smile makeover (prebooking prefered but not essential) 10 days
 veneers, all crowns and  inlays up to 10 units 10 days
Dentures 5 days between stages
relines, repairs and additions 1 day