Dental Marketing

During Mark Oborn's MBA he studied creativity, inovation and marketing, this resource is now available to the general dental practice via his unique Dental Marketing system.

Mark uses a combination of marketing theory, website design, search engine optimisation and the social networks to help get your practice found and patients visiting.

Please take some time to visit Mark's website for further information or download his free eBook.

"Mark's top 8.5 tips for eMarketing, creativity and a more relaxing, satisfying and stress free business life"

in this free eBook you will learn...

1. How to Greatly increase visitors to your website
2. How to Dominate a Google search
3. How to get more visitors to your website to contact you thereby maximising website ROI
4. Understand clearly what your website visitors want
5. Create fun and highly efficient emails with a measurable return on investment
6. Maximise the massive power of personal communication and marketing using ‘Twitter’
7. Solve business marketing problems creatively (Part 1)
8. Solve business marketing problems creatively (Part 2)
8½ I’m not going to tell you what this is…just read steps 1-8 and you’ll see!