About us - Experienced Dental Technicians

Our team of highly skilled dental technicians are an integral part of the success of our business, we operate as a team and work together on most cases. For us, working together involves the whole 'value chain', this includes.

patient > surgery > collection > models > gold > ceramics > prosthetics > finance > despatch > surgery > patient

It is by keeping this chain working closely together that you can be assured of the consistent quality we have built our business success on. This is why we have a website dedicated to introducing patients to dentists and why we operate highly structured internal systems to ensure the whole value chain, external and internal to SBO, is working to its maximum and providing you with the best quality service and product possible to help you grow your business too.

The links to the right give a brief summary of each dental technician at the laboratory including Jaedl ( Eldi), Neil, Keith and Mark.

How the dental technicians at SBO came to be

Robin Oborn and Tony Beer founded Beer & Oborn dental laboratory (they trained as dental technicians together at college) in 1972, in 1984 they merged with Don Stocking's Laboratory to form Stocking Beer & Oborn. The 3 dental technicians continued building their reputation on producing the highest quality possible, turning their laboratory in to one of the most successful and respected labs in the country.

2009 The laboratory relocates to Potters Bar in Hertfordhire

2007 Oral Illusion Dental laboratory was incorporated in to the business, this has the benefit of efficiency savings for both companies and allows Oral Illusion to expand its product range by taping in to the metal free and denture resources of SBO. This was an exciting development in the life of SBO and Oral Illusion.

1997 Mark Oborn and Keith Shrubb became partners and the company is now solely in their hands trading as SBO Dental Laboratory. They continue to build on the success of the founder techncicians, and by striving for the highest quality with the best service, take the business forward to be one of the most esteemed and forward thinking laboratories worldwide.