Tooth Preparation design

For more information on which prep design is best please download our FREE eGuide.

1. Avoid undercut inlay tooth preps - although we can block them out, this leaves large areas of luting composite to fill the void, this in turn contracts when curing putting a strain on the bond and causing sensitivity.

2. The best fit for a PFM is either PORCELAIN BUTT MARGIN or METAL MARGIN. Please allow for this when preparing by giving us at least a 0.5mm shoulder to finish porcelain to, if this is not done, and to achieve the best fit, we should use a metal margin. Mor detailed information is on our FREE eGuide.

3. Use a depth guage bur to ensure adequate teeth prepararation from the occlusal of posteriors. We often do not have enough clearance to put deep natural fossae and end up with an opaque and flat occlusal surface. Please see our blog for more information on this.

4. Remember that teeth have 3 buccal planes. One forms the emergence angle, one up the buccal and one where the tip comes in. Bear this in mind when preparing anterioirs and tuck the tip in, therefore avoiding an opaque area right in the front of the tooth

5. Metal free crowns require a full shoulder, other than this the same prep as a PFM is fine