i-esthetic ADVANCED dentine bonded crowns

i-esthetic is a registered trademark of SBO Dental Laboratory Ltd.

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Why have we used the emax logo, isn't this confusing?

Let's refresh a little on metal free crowns. Zirconia is best for strengh and to cover dark teeth due to its slight opacity. emax also has some opacity (in fact the block we use is called LT for Low Translucency), this makes emax more aesthetic than zirconia and still able to cover slightly dark teeth...

... but then along came a new version of emax... emax HT or High Translucency... woahh, hold on a minute how are we gonna explain that one? Suddenly we have 2 versions of emax, one with high translucency and one with low translucency.

To make this new High Translucency emax simple to describe, we gave it a new name... and that name is i-esthetic ADVANCED

These dentine bonded crowns and overlays are the prefered option when the underlying tooth is the same colour as the final crown, dentine bonding is required for fitting.

How is i-esthetic ADVANCED made?

For the best laser scan and fit a shoulder preparation is required. 

The die and model is laser scanned in the laboratory and rendered to a 3D image on the computer screen. The dentine is then precision milled from a  block of the chosen shade using an emax High Translucency milling block. 

Once the dentine is milled it is shaped to provide space for the enamel which is then layered using different pearl, blue and translucent effects. 

The crown will then be returned to you etched and silaned ready for dentine bonding.

There is tons more information on i-esthetic-ADVANCED on our dedicated website, please take a look for material data, scientific research and further details on the product and service.

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