Dentine Bonding Systems

We supply the Mirage bonding kit. If you bond your restorations with this system our 5 year guarantee will apply to all veneers, inlays and dentine bonded crowns.

Using the Mirage FLC luting kit.


  • Try in veneer with composite (turn off main surgery light!)
  • clean veneer and reapply silane
  • Etch whole tooth for 13-20 seconds with 37%orthophosphoric
  • rinse, dry but do not dessicate
  • Mix A&B together and apply 5 coats
  • Apply unfilled resin to tooth
  • Apply unfilled resin to veneer
  • blow unfilled resin with 3 in 1 to a thin layer
  • Apply a smear of composite to fit surface
  • seat veneer
  • tack for 5 second
  • remove excess with a brush dipped in unfilled resin
  • total cure for 2 minutes

Crowns and opaque veneers:

  • As above but mix 50% low viscosity catalyst to composite


  • As above but mix in 50% high viscosity catalyst to composite