Dental Shade Taking

Here are a few hints and tips for takign a shade with either the Vita 3D or Vita Classical shade guide

1. Use lighting with colour temperature of 5500-6500K and Ra of >95 (OSRAM BIOLUX is good) - turn off the main surgery light

2. Take a shade of the palatal - this has a big influence on the whole colour

3. Take photos and include a photo of the shade guide next to the tooth - this gives us a visual reference of the shade variations against a standard

4. Ask the DSA for a second opinion

5. Ask a woman for a second opinion - on average more men are colour blind than women

6. Give your eyes a rest and look at a grey background (this is why the Vita shade guides have a grey base) every 30 seconds during shade taking - the shade guide holder of the 3D and Classical Vita guides is a good neutral colour

7. Make comprehensive notes on each individual tooth

Please click here to read various articles written by Mark Oborn on this subject

We also recommend sending your patient to the laboratory for a shade match to achieve the best result,even if we are doing a smile design case we pefer to still see the patient.