Emax Dental Crowns

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When to use emax

emax at SBO Dental Laboratory is used for cases where a good balance between aesthetics and strength are required. We use them for dentine bonded crowns in the posterior and anterior region when some opacity is required i.e. the underyling tooth is dark and could show through if a translucent ceramic is used. For maximum strength or to hide dark teeth we recommend zirconia, or for maximum aesthetics and translucency we recommend i-esthetic.

Take a look at this video on our thoughts on when and why you should use emax.

How do we make emax

We use IPS e.max CAD glass-ceramic blocks to produce our e.max restorations.The amaxing natural apprearance of emax  is further enhanced by the nano-fluorapatite layering ceramic , which is used as a veneering material.

IPS e.max CAD is a lithium silicate glass-ceramic block for CAD/CAM Technology. It is manufactured in an innovative process, which results in the exceptional homogeneity of the material.