SBO Dental Laboratory is here to strive to be the best dental laboratory in the eyes of all people in the dental industry. We strive to be expert in all that we do.

We aim to be the laboratory with which to be associated; our dentists should be proud to say they send work to us, our suppliers should be proud to supply us and our staff should be proud to work for us. We also aim to be the laboratory that non-customers want to send work to, all suppliers want to supply and all technicians want to work for.

Our pledge to our customers

Quality of product:

We aim to grow our customers businesses by being experts in providing an excellent quality product which is exactly as prescribed and blends in with the oral environment where required.

We will always advise our customers of alternative techniques that may benefit their patients and will accept graciously the financial situation of the patient/dentist that may prevent us working in the way we ideally wish.

SBO will continuously look for innovative products and will only introduce them to the dentist when they are satisfied that the product has a proven track record and that they are expert in its production.

Quality of service:

We aim to be experts in our service and return all cases for fitting in plenty of time to reduce stress to the prescribing dentist. All complaints will be dealt with seriously but honestly and will be officially logged and monitored.

We will work hard but will also recognise when we have too much work, in this instance we will not over work ourselves and let a fall in quality of product or service be a consequence of this.

We do not operate a blame culture and will seek to work with our customers and staff to work out what and why things went wrong and to introduce measures to prevent it happening again.

We will always use the best materials available to us, use them expertly and work in a logical manner to ensure that the quality consistently remains high.

Our pledge to our staff

We aim to develop our staff by providing a relaxed and friendly environment to work in. We will actively seek to help them develop professionally by way of continued training internally and externally to SBO.

Each person should feel that they are an expert in their field; we will work with each member of staff to highlight any areas that need attention to get them to the ‘expert’ level. Once they have expertise in each area they will be encouraged to move forwards and discover new areas to develop to this level.

Core Values

SBO will always demonstrate expertise

SBO will always be humble about our success

SBO will always act honestly

SBO will respect all those we come in to contact with

SBO will only stop when we can develop no more

SBO will always strive to do the best technically and with our service

We will always be able to justify everything we do

I am SBO – you can count on me!