We supply a full range of Prosthetic and associated appliances. All our dentures are processed in high impact Enigma acrylic, contoured and stippled as standard, with your choice of teeth and supplied back to you in a presentation case with a duplicate model.

  • All  Full dentures gum tinted
  • Enigma High Impact  acrylic
  • Vitallium Chrome dentures
  • Combination/attachment cases
  • Implant Over-Dentures
  • Over 30 years experience
  • Repairs - same day service
  • Gum shields - variety of colours available
  • Occlusal splints
  • Hard and soft bite raising appliances
  • Bleaching trays
  • Essix Retainers

Full Lower Denture with Heraeus Premium teeth with Enigma gum tinting
We generally process Full Dentures with gum tinting as standard. This process transforms  standard pink acrylic into a vital natural looking

Upper Denture processed high impact  acyrlic with layered pink composites.


                                                                                                           Presentation case supplied with every  Denture 

Copy Denture Technique

If you have a patient that likes there dentures but needs a duplicate set due to wear, or just need a second set. Here is a tried and tested method.

1. Take a mould of excisting dentures using lab putty or alginate. Do this in 2 stages. First, take mould of the fit, let material set, make locating grooves. Vaseline edges of first mould. Take mould of the teeth side extending to the first mould and picking up into locating grooves making sure enough material is used. Seperate the moulds and remove Denture. Check accuracy of moulds. Repeat if F/F is needed or take an impression of opposing arch. Take squash bite Take shade of Denture teeth.

moulds of original dentures

2. Lab will pour clear acrylic into moulds. They will then have duplicate dentures in clear acrylic. Lab will then pour plaster into the duplicates and then articulate using squash bite or in the case of single denture cast opposing impression then articulate.

clear duplicate dentures from moulds

 New acrylic teeth are chosen.(as close to originals as possible).

Duplicate clear denture teeth are removed one by one and replaced with new acrylic teeth set in wax.

clear acrylic teeth removed and replaced with new denture teeth

3. Dentist then tries the case in making usual checks. Also the acrylic clear base try/in is then relined checking the bite at the same time.

relined try-in

4. Assuming everything is correct the lab then casts a new model into relined try/in. The case is then flasked, packed and finished.