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1. What do we do that annoys you
2. What is your suggested solution
3. What do we do that you really like
4. What should we focus more on?
5. How consistent is our work
6. In what way do we cause you stress
7. In what ways do we ease your stress
8. Do you send all your cases to us?

(if you answered YES to Q8 please go to Q12, if you answered NO please continue to Q9)
9. Why do you send cases to other labs
10. What type of other lab do you use

if other please specify
11. What do these labs do well
We want to be sure we are offering the right services for you for the future, so thinking about your own business or life as a dentist. PLEASE TICK ALL THAT APPLY
12. Where do you see YOUR future

If other, please specify
How could we improve our...
13. ...Smile Designs
14. ...Implants cases
15. ...Prosthetic cases
16. ...Metal Free cases
17. ...Full Gold cases
18. ...Accounts
19. ...Delivery and Collection service
20. ...Communication
21. Are you a fan of our Facebook page

22. Do you read our blog

23. Do you follow us on Twitter

Have you taken either of these Free eCourses we offer...
24. ...Smile Designs

25. ...Implant Case Planning

26. When you have any dealing with us, what emotions/feelings do we evoke? (tick all that apply)
...what emotions/feelings do we evoke

27. In what ways do we offer good value
28. In what ways do we offer poor value
29. How can we be more competitive
Any further comments you'd like to make