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Think about your dental lab for a moment... do you feel frustrated, annoyed or stressed?

Well, you can relax now because you have found SBO Dental Laboratory.

This website is built by our dental lab technicians to be a reflection of our laboratory, to be a resource for our existing dentist customers and to be a point of contact for new customers and patients; it is our goal to provide a service with this dental lab website to compliment the high quality laboratory work we do. But don't take our word for it...have a look at our testimonials.

The relationships we have with our dentists are the reason our business has been successful, too many laboratories ignore their customers' needs and don't listen to what they want. This website is an extension of our customer focus policy, so please visit again soon as it is updated on a regular basis. 

A Dental Laboratory with added value?...NO WAY!

The Value Added section of our site is what truly sets us apart from other dental laboratories in the UK. By combining our high quality smile designs, implants, dentures and crowns with this value added we occupy a totally unique section of the market with no other laboratories coming close to the overall experience we offer.

We provide our service to dentists from all over the UK from our Hertfordshire lab, so wherever you are, what ever your need, we are here to help.

All images of finished cases you see in this site are our own work, we do not believe in using manufacturers photos to demonstrate a product, any one can do that! We are proud of our work and are not afraid to show actual cases. You will enjoy working with dental technician specialists in cosmetic dentistry and dental implants.


As you read this web site now, you will notice how we work with you as a team; you will also notice our attention to providing an experience that is not typical of other laboratories and you will find all the resources you need to make your decision, so now the question is this "How serious are you about working with a new dental laboratory?"

We look forward to being of service to you,

The SBO Dental Laboratory Team

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More about us:
Our dental lab technicians have all been extensively trained in modern dental laboratory techniques. We have a particular interest in cosmetic dental lab procedures focused around large veneer cases and cosmetically challening cases. The combined 40 years of experience of our director technicians in complex implant and/or dental attachment cases is second to none. This experience and dental technician training places us as one of the best implant dental labs in the UK. We also have a separate website for denture repairs in hertfordshire and another as a stragetic alliance for same day dental implants. We also provide the most modern flexible dentures via Valplast Flexible Dentures

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